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FIT & microFIT

Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff Programs

microFIT Program (for projects 10 kW and less)

House at sun setThe microFIT program is for homeowners, farmers, and small business people who want to install a small, or ”micro“ rooftop solar system of 10 kW or under. Once installed and connected to the grid, the microFIT program will pay owners a fixed rate/kWh for all the electricity your system produces over 20 years. Rates are established to recover not only the original invest-ment, but to earn a reasonable return on investment over the contract term.

A 10 kW system costing approximately $30K - $33K to design and install would generate about 1,520 kWh per month. Under the microFIT program the homeowner would receive about $5,000 income per year with a payback period of approximately 5-6 years.

There is no application fee for the microFIT program, and applications are currently being processed by the OPA in about a 10-14 week timeframe. Should you decide to sell your house with the installed solar system, your microFIT contract can also be sold with the house and the contract transferred to the new owner.

microFIT and FIT Rate Pricing for Solar PV Installations
Small 10 kW or less 38.4
Medium >10 kW – 100 kW 34.3
Large >100 kW 31.6
Small 10 kW or less 28.9
Medium > 10 kW 27.5

Ontario Power Authority

Green Energy Act

As part of the Green Energy Act, the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) introduced the microFIT and Feed In Tariff (FIT) programs to phase out all coal-fired plants in Ontario by 2014 and triple the amount of renewable energy generation by 2015.

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